Property Management Solutions

PMS Solutions with Online Booking

Availability Online is an award-winning, stand alone booking engine. But, if you need a more robust solution, our premium level of service includes full property management features by connecting to your choice of several Property Management Software (PMS) systems. This feature will allow you to manage check-ins, housekeeping, invoices, personal guest information, view occupancy reports and so much more.

Vacancy information in your PMS is instantly & automatically sent to your Availability Online Booking Engine used by your guests. Online reservations made using your booking engine are instantly & automatically downloaded directly into your PMS. An easy to use, full circle booking process to save you and your staff time and headaches.

Our PMS feature is supported by the following software systems.
(Software vendors marked with an asterisk** have the added ability to sync room rates and min. night stay requirements to your Availability Online Booking Engine.)

Software Vendors: We are happy to furnish our upload/download APIs for you to write a compatible interface. Please contact us at for more information.