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If you find your choice dates aren’t available, please consider checking back with us at a later date as availability is always evolving.
To double check availability, please Email Amy at the ranch with your desired dates in the subject line along with your name,
number of nights, number of guests (including ages of children) and any pets.

For group bookings (3 or more rooms), extended stays (4 or more nights) or
off-season reservations (Oct-March), please contact Amy at the ranch for info.

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Displaying rooms available for 1 night starting September 25th, 2023

An authentic 1880 homestead cabin! Sleeps 4 guests in 2 double beds.
No bedding provided. This is a dry cabin with no water or electricity. Outhouse and fire-pit in the yard. May add breakfast up at the B&B at 7:30am for $14 per adult or $7 per child ages 4-11.
Occupancy limits: 10 adults, 3 children, 10 total. Rates based on 2 guests.

A guest favorite! Bunkhouse rooms are simple, clean rooms for the light, no-fuss traveler at an economy price. Room has a queen bed, shared bathroom and shared living space inside house with a full kitchen, WIFI, AC, Satellite TV and an amazing view of the Badlands National Park and White River Valley. Breakfast at the B&B next door may be added for $14 per person with advance reservations. Please, no children under the age of 12 for this listing (Unless you rent all 4 guest rooms.)
Occupancy limits: 2 guests. Rates based on 2 guests.

A guest favorite and perfect place on the ranch to socially distance!
Our private Bunkhouse has 4 sun-filled guest rooms each with a queen bed, sleeping up to 8 people.
Includes 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, WIFI, satellite tv, AC, large sun porch and an amazing view in every direction. Base rate is based on 4 guests, rate will increase $25 each additional guest up to 8.
Base price does not include breakfast at the BNB however it may be added for $14 per adult, advance reservations required.
All pets must be declared for a $25 per night per pet fee.
The Bunkhouse can not be booked online. Please call the ranch to inquire about making a reservation. 605-433-5582
Occupancy limits: 8 adults, 7 children, 8 total. Rates based on 4 guests.

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