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If you find your dates or cabin choice aren't available, please consider checking back with us at a later date as availability is always evolving and changing. To check for last minute availability please Email Amy at the ranch with your desired dates in the subject line along with your name, number of nights, number of guests (including ages of children) and pets.

Our 2022 calendar will be open January 1, 2022 so please check back at that time for reservations next year

To check availability please select your arrival date and the number of nights you'll be staying.

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Displaying rooms available for 1 night starting September 23rd, 2021

Sleeps 4 in 2 double beds.
No bedding provided. No electricity. Outhouse, no shower option.
Occupancy limits: 10 adults, 3 children, 10 total. Rates based on 2 guests.

Sleeps 4 people in 2 queens (NO bedding provided).
Simple cabin (not IN a tree) that has AC/heat and full bathroom w/shower stall/ Features table, mini fridge, microwave and fire-pit. No towels or soap provided.
Does not include breakfast, however you may add breakfast for $13 per adult with advance reservations. Served at 7:30am at the B&B, see Amy.
Occupancy limits: 4 guests. Rates based on 2 guests.

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